My story

My full name is Jane Boldyshava.

I was born in the capital of Belarus (Minsk city).

At a very young age, music became a central part of my life. My mother, a brilliant piano instructor herself and a highly artistic and talented person, nourished my love of music and teaching. She played and sang songs for me long before my first music lesson. She did so much for me and ensured I studied with one of the best piano teachers in the city. This piano master trained in the same renowned Moscow Conservatory that gave the world many distinguished pianists. She gave me the life-long passion for music and I will always remember her with respect and admiration.

I was only 12 when I made the commitment to devote my life to teaching music. During my school years, I practiced music daily for hours at a time and graduated with BA in music pedagogy and performance. I took classes such as Classical Piano, Music Education, Child Psychology, Child Development, Effective Teaching Skills & Classroom Management to name a few.

While in college I started tutoring piano for a part-time income while taking advanced piano classes and visiting piano concerts that luckily were in abundance in our city. I have also contended in different piano competitions, some on a big stage, with variable success. I participated in the Sunday church choir and was a pianist for a dancing studio.

Upon graduating from college my career building path started with becoming a piano teacher (just like mom) in a children's music school. I also worked in the ballet studio (pianist) and in a regular middle school (music teacher).

In 2005 my husband and I moved to Boston, MA. In 2010 we moved to San Diego, CA. And in 2020 my family and me moved to Circle Pines, MN, where I live now joined by my husband, father and 3 kids.

While in the USA I continued to master my piano and teaching skills by actively participating in local associations events and meetings, (In 2014 was an event co-chair of the CAPMT Spring Festival in San Diego) taking professional development classes, and attending conferences and masterclasses.

In the last 10 years I took interest in several new progressive piano teaching techniques and studies published by respectful piano teachers. Utilizing these new approaches combined with the robust traditions of the Russian school of music and my years of teaching experience, I have developed unique teaching styles that can be molded to individual needs of each of my students.

My students participate in various festivals, competitions, auditions, and examinations throughout the year and regularly receive high scores from the event judges.

Besides teaching 35 students on weekly basis (which I love and can hardly call it work), I devote my free time to my 3 kids (the love of my life), a very patient husband (love him too), reading, and writing songs and poems. When time permits, I stay socially active by attending concerts and stay healthy by hiking, fishing, camping and horse riding.